Fashion Throwback [summer dreaming]

Until yesterday, Columbus experienced a few days of sunshine and warm temperatures. While not at all normal for this time of year, I couldn’t help but enjoy the beautiful weather. I had a gorgeous sunset as my backdrop on my run Friday night, and I walked around barefoot outside at a party I attended Saturday night. Though I’m more of a spring and fall kind of gal, this weather had me summer dreaming. Continue reading


A Tale of Two Cities: 72 Hours in Michigan (Part 3)

I dropped the ball, you guys. Sorry about the delay. I promise I will see the series until the end! That being said…

Welcome back, and thank you for following along as I recount my recent trip to Ann Arbor. If you’re just now checking in, please take a moment to check out part 1 and part 2. As for the rest of you? Come with me. There’s still so much to see!

72 Hours in Michigan: Part 3–Detroit Edition!

IMG_20160820_143051389 (2).jpg

Hours 44-48

After sleeping off our exploits from the night before, Chelsea and I headed to Detroit for the day. A city known for its industrial history, beautiful architecture, art, and, yes, crippling financial struggles.

First, we grabbed brunch at Townhouse, a large, trendy restaurant downtown with a beautiful outdoor dining area. What follows is a satirical review about our experience.

My friend and I went to Townhouse on an especially windy day. We asked to be seated on their patio, which was stunning. I loved the industrial minimalism meets feminine loft-style chic aesthetic. The drinks were delicious, and the food even better. However, my hair kept flying into my mouth while I was eating. I managed to ignore it when it happened the first few times, but then it started to feel like the waitress was deliberately ignoring my dining struggles. She could have offered to hold my hair back while I ate. I’m just surprised a place like this hasn’t figured out a way to control the wind. I would have given this place five stars if it weren’t for the wind problem, but, taking that into consideration, I have to give it 2/5.

what we ate
the great white buffalo//israeli street pita

mimosa//huevos tostada

rating//4.5/5 (my pita was fantastic and I loved my drink, our waitress was attentive and upbeat, pricey–so I would recommend stopping here for a special occasion, or after pay day) Continue reading

A Tale of Two Cities: 72 Hours in Michigan (Part 2)

Only 24 hours into my Michigan journey, and it feels like I’m just getting started!

My first few hours in Ann Arbor consisted of getting my Nashville on, checking out Zingerman’s Deli, and seeing how Michigan does BBQ. Today’s post starts with The University of Michigan and ends with a tipsy kayak ride along Gallup Pond.

72 Hours in Michigan: Part 2

Hours 24-28

Go blue! No stop in Ann Arbor is complete without a visit to the University of Michigan. Friday afternoon, Chelsea took me on a brief tour of the campus. It was beautiful, and it reminded me a bit of Vanderbilt with its lush, tree-covered quads. It also seemed to me an eclectic mix of old and modern architecture. Our tour took us past the Ross School of Business, the William W. Cook Legal Research Library, the law school and its quad, and the Hatcher Graduate Library. Other noteworthy sights: a man playing a washboard, a girl setting up her own hammock in central campus, and several students moving in early.

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A Tale of Two Cities: 72 Hours in Michigan (Part 1)

It was summertime in northern Michigan…”

There’s no way Ann Arbor or Detroit are considered “northern Michigan” by native Michigan-ders (-ites? -nees?), but I sure as heck sang along to this Kid Rock classic like they are during my recent trip these two cities.


A close friend of mine, Chelsea, recently moved to Ann Arbor for a job opportunity at the University of Michigan. Shortly after her move she encouraged me to visit, assuring me the drive was only three hours from Columbus. Three hours? How could that be? I’ve lived in Ohio most of my life, and I always assumed Ann Arbor and Detroit were super close to Canada. Or at least much further north than they actually are. (What is geography, even?)

72 Hours in MichiganAs you can see from this handy dandy map, they are nearly in Canada, but they’re just across the pond from Ohio. (The pond being Lake Erie.) Lake Erie is connected to Lake St. Clair via the Detroit River (which I saw around hour 47 of my trip, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

Another fun fact? Detroit is only one of two American cities that sits directly north of a Canadian city. (That factoid found here.) Continue reading

JoJo Style Challenge Day 5

JoJo Style Challenge

Floral Friday

This is it. The dramatic conclusion of my JoJo Style Challenge. On Monday we learned that JoJo gave her final rose to Jordan Rodgers (unsurprisingly), but who is worthy of my final rose now that my style journey has come to an end?  *Insert montage of me pacing and crying, trying to decide who to choose as my tears are punctuated by dramatic music.*

Nah, this decision isn’t that hard. I choose all of you! My friends, family, social media followers, Internet strangers–I have so appreciated all of your support. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but taking the time to read my work–to even be aware of my work–validates the creative energy I put into this project. My dream is to be a writer, and I feel like this series has gotten me one step further to achieving that goal. (If not, at least I had a great time and got some writing practice.)

Who wore it better?

JoJo Style Challenge

Someday I’ll find a fish-kissing man to call my own//Photo credit: Cary Fetman

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JoJo Style Challenge Day 4

JoJo Style Challenge

Happy Thursday, friends! The weekend is only a day away which means my week-long JoJo Style Challenge is coming to end. Try not to get too choked about it. Everything must come to an end; and so it goes. But I’ve still got two new looks to discuss. So let’s get started with today’s post, shall we?

In episode 7, JoJo and her harem of super fit, perfectly coiffed men headed to Buenos Aires. JoJo finally gave Alex a one-on-one date. After a long, awkward car ride down a seemingly never-ending road they arrived at a ranch. While there, Alex was forced by producers voluntarily dressed up as a gaucho, though he looked more like a gondolier, especially next to JoJo in her modern-ranch chic ensemble. (Can this be a thing?)

Who wore it better?

JoJo Style Challenge

And who has the better thousand-yard stare?//Photo credit: Cary Fetman via JoJo Fletcher

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JoJo Style Challenge Day 3

JoJo Style Challenge

Leather & Lace

I can’t believe we’re already on day 3 of my JoJo Style Challenge! For day 1 I recreated JoJo’s fall-friendly ensemble from episode 2. Day 2 featured two casual looks from dates she had with Luke Pell. (One of my favorite contestants, I thought featuring two outfits was the least I could do to recognize this smoldering, All-American Texan.) Today, I’m vamping it up a bit by trying out a group-date look JoJo flaunted in episode 3.

Who wore it better?

JoJo Style Challenge

The hand on hip, angled leg pose–not recommended for beginners.

I believe JoJo wore this outfit to the evening group date held after that awkward sex-story-sharing date. You know, the one where Wells talks about farting during a threesome, Daniel admits to getting a little 50 Shades of Grey in a past relationship, and Chad both shoves Evan and *audible gasp* rips his shirt after Evan, a Nashville-based penis doctor, says that steroid use can negatively affect one’s ability to perform. (Guys, do you think he’s talking about Chad??) Continue reading

JoJo Style Challenge Day 2

Day 2.1

2-4-1 Tuesday!

You’re not imagining things, folks. Today, I’ll be featuring two of JoJo’s looks for the price of one!

For those of you new to the blog–welcome! I’m on day two of my self-imposed “JoJo Style Challenge.” Every day this week I will attempt to channel my style guru–JoJo Fletcher from this season of The Bachelorette. Yesterday, I recreated her comfy casual look from episode two. Today, I am featuring outfits she wore on two different one-on-one dates with Luke Pell. (My top pick for next season’s Bachelor. Though, I don’t really want him to go on the show because I want him all to myself. Amirite, ladies??).

Also, can we just take a moment to acknowledge how Luke is in a near constant state of smoldering? Someone get that man a glass of milk! (Meanwhile, I’m going to take a cold shower.)

Luke Pell

Photo courtesy of Luke Pell

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JoJo Style Challenge Day 1


“Slay, Queen JoJo, Slay!”

If you visited me on a Monday night, during Miss JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, chances are you would catch me yelling this at my TV. (Or texting it to my mom, who’s also a big Bachelor[ette] fan.) I’ve always enjoyed the female-led iteration of The Bachelor franchise (minus the slut-shaming during Katilyn’s season). To me, The Bachelorette is what dreams are made of–dating more than one guy at a time, romantic and unique dates with beautiful backdrops, sexy (often shirtless) men vying for your attention. Sign me up!

As a long-time Bachelor-franchise fan one of my favorite episode-viewing activities (besides drinking–duh) is getting style inspiration from The Bachelorettes. I will follow every season’s lead on Instagram and screenshot my favorite looks. Of the twelve seasons, JoJo’s wardrobe has been one of my favorites. Her make-up and style are simple, accessible, and feminine. Even her rose ceremony and cocktail party looks are chic and timeless, but with modern touches (for example: shoulder cutouts, crop tops and high-waist bottoms). So, I say again: slay, queen JoJo, slay. Continue reading

#ootd [spring stripes]

I’m back! From outer space!

Nah–I’ve just been busy focusing on some of my other interests the past year. (My other interests primarily being stuffing my face with food then running to keep the aforementioned food from getting too cozy in my body.) And, as a writer, inspiration most certainly ebbs and flows. While my figurative cup runneth over with fashion inspiration, my brain lacketh the interest in blogging about it.

To be honest, motivation to return to this blog has been hard to find as I’ve realized I’m a teeny-tiny voice in an ocean full of opinions about fashion, food, and life. What makes my opinions worth reading? Why should people support this endeavour? I’m more confident than ever in the young woman I’ve become, but I’m not sure I have an answer to that question. What I do know is that I’m doing this blog for myself as a form of creative expression, not for the promise of attention or commercial endorsements. (Although, it would be super cool to get paid to write someday! A girl can dream.) Continue reading